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To research how urban dance and contemporary dance can be combined to create fresh and exciting performance works.


We do this by:  

Having a strong subject knowledge in both styles

Continuing to develop ourselves as artists

Practically researching in the studio

Collaborating with other artists





Create opportunities for other adult dancers


We do this by:

Running weekly adult classes in contemporary dance in Southampton

Running adult performance projects





Support dance in education and youth dance


We do this by:

Actively teaching dance in schools and colleges

Running workshops in schools and colleges

Running CPD for teachers  

Creating performance opportunities for young dancers

Having an education pack that is taliored to A Level Dance, National Diploma and GCSE AQA criteria















SSDC is a small scale urban contemporary performance dance company which is based in Southampton, under the direction of Laura Heda PGCE, Ba (Hons) FDI. 


The company's mission is to create high quality performances by exploring the combination

of urban dance with contemporary styles and choreographic devices.


The company consists of 5 dancers, and we often collaborate

with other artists, whether this be in dance, film, music,

photography to inform the richness of our work.


This broad platform for creativity is ours to explore

and we hope to invite our audience members

and students to join us here.



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